Thursday, November 06, 2008

Touring the south-west of Australia

It's so easy to be lazy when you're living in your hometown, so having my sister-in-law and her husband visiting from Switzerland for the past few weeks has been fantastic for making me get back out on the travelling trail - along with the fact that I've had three weeks away from teaching as well.

Of course, I've now got a stack of work to catch up on and no time to blog, but here's a cheat's overview of what I've been up to. At Jaunted this week I've been writing some posts on the highlights of our Western Australian travels - including seeing the Mammoth Cave, pictured above - and you can get a quick taste too by checking these stories:
As I said, that's just a taste - but I promise to tell more soon.


  1. Hi Amanda, I would like to write about your blog on PocketCultures but I can't find a contact email anywhere. Please will you get in touch so I can check a couple of details with you? Thanks!

  2. Mammoth Cave...ooh yes very nice indeed I loved it!


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