Sunday, September 14, 2008

Looking back on my Melbourne excursion

Unbelievably, it's almost two months back that I took a trip to Melbourne and apart from a few official posts at Jaunted and HotelChatter, I've hardly mentioned it.

It was an enjoyable trip, but not in the sense of discovering the exotic or really travelling - and that was a bit unusual for me, compared to my adventures of recent years. But catching up with friends (including an old school friend, and a colleague and fellow chocaholic who taught with me in Japan) and making new ones (friends of friends, and a lovely German girl I simply met on a bus) was great. Being out of my Perth skin was a good change too, without having to worry about teaching or writing for a week.

I'm not really that good, it seems, at going back to places I've already been. I usually crave the new and the unusual, and to find that in a place you already know - perhaps that takes more research or more questioning. We've got a Sydney (and Hunter Valley) trip coming up at the end of the year so I'll see how I can improve this situation.


  1. I guess it depends on the place you've been and how much you got to see the first time round. I went to London in 2006 and didn't see nearly as much as I wanted to, so going back this year was wonderful.

    Have fun in Sydney.

  2. Thanks Beck! That makes sense - there's definitely a lot to see in London. And I will have fun in Sydney, for sure!


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