Saturday, September 20, 2008

How to look at Amanda's writing

Not for the first time, I was about to send an email to a curious relative/friend/colleague/acquaintance/student (they've all asked at one point or another) who has said: "Send me some of your writing". Not for the first time, I've realised I should simply write the email as a blog post so I can keep referring people on to it instead of reinventing the wheel. So here it is.

If you're one of these people who are curious about what I do holed up in my tiny office, surrounded by books, magazines, notepads and cats, you're about to find out.

I say I'm a writer, but nearly all my writing income comes from blogging, so for people in the know, I usually say I'm a blogger. I regularly write for about half a dozen online websites, some of which pay me per post (and a post can be as little as 200 words) and some of which pay me per word. I also keep up a couple of my own blogs, including my favourite Becoming A Fiction Writer, which pays just a little when people click on its ads. So if you really want to see some of the writing I've done recently, here's how:
  • At the Jaunted travel website you can see stories by amandak - that's me!
  • And at its sister site HotelChatter you can also see stories by amandak. These two sites were both recently bought by CondeNet, which just goes to show that blogs are a big part of the future.
  • My favourite site to write for is Vagabondish, because editor Mike Richards thinks about travel the same way that I do. Check the features page and you'll see a bunch of articles I've written there (my name's usually in the blurb. If not, I probably didn't write it).
  • At the site I regularly write a travel book review, which means publisher keep me in good supply of the latest great travel books, a perk of the job I definitely like.
  • Outside of the United States, I also write a weekly post for the Europe a la Carte blog - check the dates because my posts usually come up on a Wednesday.
  • Before blogging really took off for me, I used to write for print and online magazines, and I still have a list of clippings you can browse through.
If you're still reading, well done. And thanks for asking.


  1. Aww ... your "favorite site"? Well aren't you sweet? =)

    You're definitely getting a Christmas card from me.

  2. While reading this blog it just dawned on me. I started blogging because a lot of friends asked me all the time: "What are you up to" and I have to repeat on the phone and in emails my adventures. Just now while talking with a friend on the phone and reading your blog (multitasking bad me) he complained that his English wasn't good enough to read my blog. So now I will start to translate ‘a la Jan and Amanda’ and then I can tell EVERYBODY just go read my blog (and get lost :-) - just kidding).

  3. I want your job! Where do I sign up???

    Gonna take a look around. I like your style!

  4. Wow! No wonder you're so busy with the other writings.



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