Thursday, June 12, 2008

Web pirouette: Infinity pools, airships and weird people

Today's the day: I'm going to make a concrete start on my second novel. I didn't do that sooner because I've been writing a tonne of other stuff, including:
  • discovering the Miho Museum in Shiga prefecture, Japan, and cursing the guidebook and acquaintances who never told me about it when I lived relatively nearby
  • wishing I was wealthy enough to try out the new Zeppelin that will fly over London soon
  • dreaming of visiting a new Mexican resort which promises the largest infinity pool in the Caribbean (it's only through writing at HotelChatter that I even heard of infinity pools but now I'm obsessed)
  • reminding myself why it's important to figure out boring stuff like travel insurance before you travel
  • reviewing the next victim in my travel book series: son-of-Paul, Louis Theroux toured the US meeting a bunch of weird people


  1. second novel? what was the first novel? where can i buy it?

  2. Sorry Matt, the first novel's written but not published anywhere yet ... one day!


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