Saturday, June 28, 2008

Euro 2008 - Go Deutschland!

Did I not say, just a couple of weeks ago, that Germany would get to the Euro 2008 grand final? Well, technically speaking, I didn't, but that was the message behind my patriotic post. And look - Germany is in tomorrow night's Euro 2008 grand final!

Before I get distracted, let me explain this photograph. It's the closest Germany + soccer related picture I have in my own little archive, and it was taken during World Cup '06 when the Australia Socceroos were training at a soccer field in Öhringen, near where I was living. It was the middle of summer, but since German weather doesn't quite match up to Australia's, it was cold and overcast, and rain threatened the whole afternoon. But anyway, there it is, a German soccer field.

These fields are obviously good enough for training up champion players, so my fingers and toes will be crossed for the Germans to beat Spain. Nothing against Spain, but I just don't have quite enough loyalties to Spain to overcome my familial ties to Germany. That, and my husband would kill me if I didn't support Germany.


  1. Querida Bloguera:
    Leo todos tus comentarios sobre viajes y me parecen muy interesantes.
    De hecho tengo un enlace mediante Igoogle a tu Blog.
    Yo soy Español, y mucho de tus lectores lo son.
    Ganamos a Alemania, y lo siento por tu marido.
    Desde hoy deberas ser mas ecuanime,dado que ya tienes razones para serlo:
    Tus lectores.
    Un afectuoso saludo

  2. I wanted germany so badly but it didn't happen. My ex was extremely upset.

  3. Rooted for Germany too..


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