Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Busy working and writing: Need more chocolate

Realising that I haven't posted here for a while - sorry - I jumped into my list of bookmarks in the Not A Ballerina folder, and found a few odd things that I recently decided I should write about here. I'm not sure what goes through my brain at times, but by looking at a collection of links like that, a psychologist could probably tell you.

The scary part is how often chocolate makes the list. For example, I bookmarked an article from The West titled Chocolate stops you being grumpy. Apparently Cambridge Uni researchers discovered a magical substance called tryptophan exists in chocolate - and chicken soup - that makes us feel good.

So perhaps if I ate more chocolate, I'd be blogging here even more often. But in fact I actually have been busy blogging (not eating chocolate) and preparing a couple of new projects. If you're feeling rejected by the lack of Ballerina posts, you can take a sneak preview at my new project Same Sky Magazine (but beware, it's just the beginning), or click over to The Bloggers Guide where I've been starting to spread the word on my hometown of Perth.


  1. How do I get in touch with you? No info on your site that I can see about an e-mail address.

  2. Hi Geir, yes that's something I need to fix, in the meantime you might read this and can email me at amandakendle76 AT hotmail DOT com :-)

  3. chocolate makes everything better! (as long as its not white chocolate!)

  4. I want more chocolate!!! I'm sick with the flu :(


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