Saturday, May 10, 2008

Web pirouette: Pizzas, French fries and getting fit

It's been a few weeks since I last pirouetted you through a selection of my recent work around the web, but as usual, I haven't been slacking off! As well as blogging I've also been making a big effort to spend time revising my novel, so the letters on my keyboard are rapidly fading (really). Here's a sample of recent blogs and articles:
  • At Vagabondish, I discovered that recreating illegal border crossings is a great tour idea, talked about the different bizarre situations you'll find if you get sick in a foreign country, discussed how proud I was when I ordered a pizza in Japanese and confessed my love for playing word games while traveling.
  • Meanwhile at Jaunted, I discovered a brand new museum in Belgium that's all about chips (or French Belgian fries) and I've been excited about the build-up to Eurovision 2008 this coming week.
  • On the HotelChatter site, the story that most impressed me was the Westin hotel chain installing Wii Fitness systems into their hotel gyms (we even longingly looked at a Wii today at the shops!).
  • My rants at Travel-Rants have been about plans to make immigration in the US less stressful and about the overwhelming enthusiasm of the tourist board in Iceland.
  • At Kathika, I've been busy getting the world to speak Australian English and reading another Frances Mayes book.

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  1. we're going opposite novel has suffered since i've launched my blog.


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