Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Web pirouette: Jet lag, pool paving and Hello Kitty

I may not have been blogging profusely at any of my sites but it's all been for a good cause, because this morning I watched a final version of my novel roll off my printer. Despite my literary preoccupation I've still put out some interesting posts this week - at least, I think they're interesting, you can decide for yourself:
  • 6 Real Tips to Beat Jet Lag: in which I don't proclaim to be the master of beating jet lag (I am definitely not), but at least divulge what works for me without any weird magical cure-alls
  • Cool Paving Impresses: in which I am almost flabbergasted that such a thing exists - the paving around the pool at the Dubai Raffles is somehow cooled so you never get burnt feet on a hot day. Wonder if they could do that for beach sand, too.
  • Hello Japan: in which I'm not at all surprised to learn that Hello Kitty is now an official tourism ambassador in Japan, although she's not going to advertise in Australia any time soon - she's target the Chinese market.
  • Fast Food Chains Bombard Cusco: in which I lament, long and loud, that nasty global fast food franchises are about to take over the Peruvian town which is the tourist's gateway to Machu Picchu.
  • Tony Horwitz's Long, Strange Voyage: in which my book review series continues ... I've got a nice pile of new books on the corner of my desk to get through for this, it's such a pleasure!

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