Thursday, May 29, 2008

Same sky: Multicultural business English

(Kassi, Patrick, Andrés, Andrés, Frank, me, Angelica, Luis, William and Jang)

It's been a while since I mentioned my classes of English learners, but I've got to tell you, walking in to teach them is often better than traveling! (Plus, I get paid for it, rather than the other way round).

Right now I'm teaching the Business English class which means we often get into interesting cultural differences conversations - although the basic principles of business themselves sure don't vary much - everybody just wants to make money! Of course, I'm trying to brainwash them into being less materialistic ...

This photo's from a recent BBQ at a lovely park in Perth called the Victoria Gardens - I never knew about it but my students showed me. (Yeah, I only grew up here). At the time we had a heavy Colombian influence in the class (4 of them in picture, and 3 in the class named Andrés) but we were also learning the business ways of Taiwan (very entrepreneurial), the Czech Republic, South Korea and Brazil. As I always say: I hope they're learning even half as much from me as I am from them.

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  1. is the tall girl from brazil lol

    I might be in perth pretty soon if i don't end up in China. We can be friends. Discuss writing. it will be all bohemian.


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