Monday, May 26, 2008

7 travel blogs I read regularly: A quirky collection

Since I belatedly came to understand about RSS (and if you're even slower than me, this is the easy way to keep in touch with what your favourite blogs are publishing without having to go and check them - new entries come to you), I've been better able to follow a bunch of interesting blogs related to travel. When I looked at them today, I realised it's quite an eclectic mix, and thought you might be interested to see a few of my favourite regular reads:
  • Nerd's Eye View: Pam's blog is a great example of a travel blog that continues even when you're not travelling. I'm not so sure about the recent ukulele post but there's lots of good stuff. Plus when Pam's "about" page says "I speak passable yet twangy German, love to eat dessert, and am trying to decide if I should dye my gray hair", then I figure we are actually long lost soulmates.
  • A Wayward Journey: I'm all for getting children involved with travelling early - I was lucky that my parents did it with me - and this is an extreme but pretty inspiring example: this family of four is just about to set off on a cycling trip from Alaska to Argentina. They've already done big expeditions before so it sounds like they'll make it - and I'm looking forward to following the journey. In a similar vein, I've just started reading Pilgrims' Progress which is an eight-child family about to travel overland from Singapore to London.
  • Then my love of Japan kicks in - I guess after living there for two years I'm naturally drawn to blogs exploring similar experiences. My favourite, not just for the stories but because it also looks gorgeous, is The Loulogue, tales from a Dutch girl teaching in Japan. And although updates are fairly few and far between, the posts from Gaijin Smash, written by a guy who's ended up marrying a Japanese woman and staying far longer than expected are really insightful.
  • And finally, there are a few blogs belonging to my various blogging colleagues (those who write for the same sites) that I follow out of sheer curiosity: Nomadic Matt's Travel Blog and Nora's Life Happens - the latter is especially interesting lately, after Nora got involved providing aid to Burma from the Thai border ... and then her boyfriend got Dengue fever - I'm sending healthy thoughts!


  1. Thanks for the linky love! And what you may not know is that I play the uke and it comes with me when I travel. I taught our local uke club to play "I Will Survive" because it seemed, um, necessary.

  2. Thanks for linking to us! We can't wait to get on the road - and hope it all goes well. We do know we may not make it to Tierra del Fuego, but we'll won't make for sure if we don't even try!!

  3. nice collection! I would politely point out my (mostly) travel musings over at my blog:

    I am in the middle of posting a series of Nepal videos I made right now.


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