Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Web pirouette: Diseases, driving, and a new venture

How can a blogger get any work done with this pretty little girl is at your feet, asking for attention? Somehow I have still managed to get my usual weekly quota of posts out:
  • At Jaunted, I wrote up the story of the guide book writer who got a nice amount of publicity for his new book by getting the story going that he had written a guide without visiting the country - now he's claiming his story was taken out of context, but I think that with an April 22 release date for his book, he probably encouraged the wrong context ...
  • On the Vagabondish site I had a very interesting time researching the 10 Nastiest Travel Diseases (and the other dozen or so that didn't make the shortlist). Strangely, my biggest travel disease of chocolate addiction didn't feature in the research.
  • At Travel-Rants I discussed the possibilities for a driving holiday all the way around the world, if that Bering Strait tunnel ever became reality.
I've also been taking my first baby steps into slightly-more-professional blogging for myself - rather than for other sites - by learning how to set up a Wordpress blog on my own domain. I've transferred my old Blogspot fiction blog to a new site, becomingafictionwriter.com, and although it's still got a few kinks that need ironing out, you're welcome to have a look around. Recent posts include a discussion of Australian online booksellers like Fishpond and some good news about the first chapter of my novel. Leave me a comment there so I know you've dropped by.


  1. I'm sorry about the lack of chocolate research, Amanda. I truly am.

    If only the Travel Channel had acquired us, you'd be sporting a fat expense account (and rollin' in chocolate) right about now.

  2. Mike, I never thought of holding you responsible for the lack of chocolate in my life, but now that I think of it ...


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