Friday, April 04, 2008

South of Mandurah: Cape Bouvard Winery and the thrombolites

My home state of Western Australia really has a lot of hidden attractions to offer. This week my father took us to a small winery just south of his property, which itself is almost 20km south of the growing city of Mandurah. I'd been there once years and years ago, but I was surprised at just how impressed I was by the area. And there are two reasons for that.

One: the Cape Bouvard Winery. It's a fair way from the main wine growing regions of WA, but the buildings are quaint, the setting peaceful, the wine tasty and the food - just take a look at my delicious Cajun prawn salad!

Two: The thrombolites of Lake Clifton, a short stroll from the winery. Windy as hell when you walk out to see them, but fascinating, and the science behind these guys is that they're one of the earliest life forms on the planet. They are protected as part of the Yalgorup National Park and by pure good luck, we arrived at the best time of the year to see them (in March or April).

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