Sunday, March 23, 2008

Web pirouette: Globe-trotting and saving money

Sorry gang, I'm still alive. And still writing, just not at the Ballerina. And still dreaming about more travels. From planning tips for a round-the-world trip to a fun article playing around with possible round-the-world itineraries, no corner of the globe has been left untouched this month.

In my own country, a new tree-top walk in Illawarra caught my attention and with March beginning, I naturally spared a thought for my favourite time in Japan, cherry blossom season. Further on the Japanese line but strangely enough in Mexico, I also reported on a Mexican-Japanese fusion restaurant which sounded really tasty.

I've just started doing some work for a British blog called Travel-Rants - with apologies to the Americans, it's nice to earn in a more stable currency - and one of my first posts was about the huge A380s starting regular service to Europe. And just to prove that I'm not entirely one-sided in my writing, I'm also doing some posts for a finance blog and here's one example: how to save money on your water bills. Just call me Ms Versatile.


  1. Hi Amanda, I've been enjoying your articles on Vagabondish and around the place. I'm a Perth girl currently living in Mexico and addicted to travel too. Soon to be heading home after 8+ years though. I liked your article about sushi in Mexico - I was amazed when we moved here how popular sushi is in Mexico - they love it and sushi bars are everywhere! They do like to put their Mexican spin on them too - lots with chili flavours and cream cheese (little known fact how much Mexicans like cream cheese!).
    Looking forward to reading more travel articles. :)

  2. I thought I saw your name on Travel Rants as well as Vagabondish.



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