Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Web pirouette: Link love and readers-in-residence

Isn't the internet a fascinating thing? In the last week or so I've had several articles up at Vagabondish, including How To Travel Independently For the First Time and Really Slow Travel: Walking Your Way Around the World. I love it when other sites decide these articles are worth linking to: for example, Go Green Travel Green highlighted my slow travel piece, and the independent travel one got picked up (and half translated) by a Spanish site, Diario del viajero, as well as one of my favourite travel sites, Gadling. And still at Vagabondish, the dark tourism series came to an end with The Great Dark Tourism Round-Up: Awards Time.

Elsewhere in the world of internet travel writing, I thoroughly enjoyed writing up a piece about a Reader-in-Residence, coming to the Andaz Hotel in London in April. Sure, it's an expensive hotel, but if you've got the cash, you can have the Reader tell you a bedtime story or recommend some new books for you. At Jaunted I've been wondering if the Blarney Stone's a fake and I'm starting up coverage on Eurovision 2008, my favourite song contest.


  1. hello Amanda!
    nice blog!
    congratulations for your posts!
    very interesting!
    I've had just a quick view of the blog and seems to have nice tips!
    good onya, mate!
    take care,


  2. Hi Amanda!

    Fellow Vagabondish writer here...I love your articles by the way!
    Anyway, I'm heading to Australia as of June and expect to be there for about a year. I'd love to connect with you - please email me at norablueskies {at} hotmail {dot} com.
    Blue Skies....Nora Dunn

  3. Hi Amanda! Reading your first (and second!) RTW article on vagabondish inspired us to just go for it and make our next trip a RTW one! we're finally going to have the opportunity around july-august. right now we're looking at DC-Athens-Cairo-Dubai-Bangkok-Sydney-NY to fit in about a month long trip. I'd love to hear some of your more specific recommendations with regards to your experiences in planning a trip such as this if you could spare some time. please email me at blithe818{at}yahoo{dot}com. thanks and hope to hear from you soon!


  4. Amanda - off topic
    I just read your Vagabondish post "Off the Tourist Trail: 5 Places the Travel Brochures Don’t Tell You About" which led me to this blog. You are an amazing writer!! I look forward to reading more of your writings.

    Safe travels,


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