Friday, February 15, 2008

Web pirouette: Eat an Anzac biscuit before Doomsday

See this scene? Two cats eating? That means they are not jumping on to my notebook, chasing my typing fingers or trying to catch the cursor on the screen. When they're eating is about the only time I can get a decent amount of writing done these days. Somehow, despite these two black, furry distractions, I've managed to get a few articles done recently.

In the dark tourism series at Vagabondish - it finishes up next week - I've had to deal with a really delicate topic with Suicide Tourism: Landmark Deaths and Traveling to Die. In comparison, writing about Doomsday Tourism: Seeing It Before You Can't was a breeze.

Feeling peckish one day, I wrote up my favourite Anzac Biscuit Alternative Recipes and also had my mouth water when Glimpse published my piece on Edible Art: A Traditional Buddhist Meal.

Shortly after I'd joined the cats in the kitchen and eaten my fill, I got a yearning for a relaxing holiday after publishing Travel Facts for Rottnest Island. And I had an interesting time exploring the notion of fences that guide or interrupt our travel with The Traveling Fence: Over or Around, published at Been-Seen.

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