Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Web pirouette: Did Bruno the Bear go to prison?

In recent weeks, as well as pumping out 50,000 draft words of a novel for NaNoWriMo, I've been keeping up with the rest of my freelance output too, and here's a taste of the best and most interesting:


  1. Did you actually reach the 50,000-word mark for the NaNoWriMo contest?

    I'm darn impressed if so. Between that and all of the freelance writing you're doing ... I don't know how you keep up.

  2. Mike, YES I DID! Just check my NaNo profile page
    where you can see the lovely purple "winner" sign. I have no idea how I did it either, and I still managed to get more or less enough sleep. Your turn next year, OK? (or we can do it together: I'm all up for going again!).

  3. Well a hearty congrats to you!

    Yes, I so badly want to take part. I'm signed up for all their newsletters and whatnots so I'll definitely be on for next year!

  4. Hii Amanda....... Nice blog ...I want you to visit mine.....
    One thing more....Ponting is a cheat & Disgrace 4 Australia


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