Wednesday, December 05, 2007

So you want to fly to Europe ...

While I pine for Europe - it is the Christmas season, after all, and my friends back in Germany are heading to my favourite Christmas markets in Bad Wimpfen this weekend - I'm reminded that the trip from Australia to Europe has got a bit better over the decades.

A piece in The Australian about the Qantas kangaroo route - Australia to the UK - which has now been flying for 60 years, compared the costs and timing over time.

If I'd been born half a century earlier it would have meant paying almost the cost of a house to get to London, or saving my entire salary for 84 weeks. These days, even though I wish the fare was cheaper, it's equivalent to just two weeks of the average Australian wage.

And back in 1947, I would have been whinging a lot more: the flight took 55 hours. That's pure flying time, without factoring in six stopovers (two overnight!). So I'll stop complaining about it taking almost 24 hours from start to finish.

(Pic from Naddsy via Flickr Creative Commons)

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