Sunday, December 16, 2007

Pro-blogging: Where to find jobs

Blogging has really taken off as not only a freelance job but even a profession in the last couple of years. The other day I even saw the Dow Jones advertising for a full-time Law Blogger, so I'm feeling in quite good company.

I've found my blogging jobs in various ways, including leads from sites specific for travel writers such as Written Road, or in newsletters for writers such as those from Hope Clark. I've even been lucky enough to have a few sites approach me directly after reading my work elsewhere.

But for beginner bloggers, the best bet is to haunt a few of the sites that list blogging jobs. These include:
  • ProBlogger Job Board - this and the host site itself are fantastic resources for paid blogging work. You could also look here to get ideas about topics for blogging. At the moment they're advertising jobs in areas like men's fashion, pain management, health and fitness and TV.
  • 451 Press - this group pay a small stipend per post plus a small share of advertising revenue, but would be a good start. Topics where they want bloggers include a number of US cities, plenty of pop culture topics on music and TV shows, and a bunch of interesting miscellaneous topics from quilting to soccer.
  • Blogger - this works two ways: bloggers can advertise themselves here, plus there are some posts offering paid (and unpaid) blogging jobs. I've never picked up work from here but it sometimes has interesting stuff.
You should also search for writing sites related to your specialty, be it health, travel, cooking or books, and sign up for their updates.

Do you have other sites you like to check for blogging jobs? Let me know in the comments.

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