Saturday, December 08, 2007

Pro-blogging: Becoming a blogger

Last post I defined pro-blogging, or at least as it relates to me. Lots of people ask me how they could get started in paid blogging, and the advice I usually give sounds something like this:
  1. Start your own blog. Focus it on something interesting to you (for example, this Not A Ballerina blog of mine centres largely on my travel writing). The fastest way is to use the Blogger platform which is free and easy to use. If you want to wind up getting paid to blog, avoid the daily journal blog and create a special niche which you cover well.
  2. Read lots of other blogs. I have a few blogs which I always haunt: Written Road for travel writers, Killing Batteries, and a bunch of blogs belonging to my friends, which are interesting for me because I know who they are.
  3. Start blogging regularly - at least three times a week. Keep a bookmarked list in your internet browser of interesting articles you might blog about. Add your own photos or find some online that you're allowed to use.
  4. Get to know the Google Analytics pages so you can analyse who's visiting your blog and why; learn how to use Google Adsense to make a trickle of income from your blog, and Google terms like "SEO" (search engine optimization) to learn about how the best blog posts are written. Accept that it's not always the most beautifully-written pieces that will be in demand, because websites want to make money and that means attracting advertising, etc etc. It's a real world, even on the internet.
Once you've got a bit of experience behind you, you need to know where to look for blogging jobs: stay tuned for my next post on finding pro-blogger positions.

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