Thursday, December 06, 2007

Not just a holiday

Some time in the last decade or so, when I was looking the other way, holidays that had some kind of cultural learning as their basis became popular. Do you know the kind I mean? - practising yoga in India, getting your scuba licence in the Red Sea, learning creative writing on a boat near Turkey ... the list goes on.

In fact, I think these kind of trips are really a fantastic idea. If I sounded a little negative at first, it's only because I've never had the chance to do this and I'm probably a bit jealous. I wrote up a UK Times report on cultural trips at Jaunted the other day - More Than Just a Vacation - and there were really some amazing holiday ideas, including:
  • taking sumo lessons in Japan
  • dancing the salsa in Barcelona
  • learning the ways of the Masai warrior, hands-on, in Kenya
  • cooking in Thailand
  • improving your painting skills in Andalusia
I love all these ideas, and it seems like you can do nearly anything you want on holidays now. If I could plan my own round-the-world learning trip it would include guitar lessons in Spain, getting writing tips from Gabriel Garcia Marquez in Mexico, learning more Japanese writing in Nara (or Okinawa, depending on the season) and brushing up my German skills in Berlin. What would you do? Comments welcome.

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