Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I love statistics: Why Australians travel

I guess it's all that mathematics I studied at university: I just can't help getting excited about statistics. This week I've read two different surveys about the attitudes of Australians towards travel, and I just have to share what I've learnt:
  • 37% of Australians who travelled in the last year said their main purpose was to immerse themselves in new cultural experiences*
  • 28% of Australians list Eastern Europe as their top "desired destination" for 2008, making it the most popular choice; 24% picked South America**
  • 40% of Australians planned to "try something adventurous" when they went on their next holiday**
Put all this together and I would hazard to say that the people around me are really maturing as travellers. That's exciting. But it means the places I want to see will probably be getting more and more full of Australians.

* TNS Leisure Travel Monitor on travel behaviour of outbound Australians
** Expedia survey into Australians' travel resolutions for 2008

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