Thursday, December 13, 2007

Going for the Burkina Faso hat-trick

It's not often that the small African nation of Burkina Faso comes up in conversation. So imagine my surprise today when it came up twice within a quarter of an hour, in two unrelated situations.

The first mention came when my students were discussing the prices they'd paid for their flights to Australia from Europe and South America. Kevin was happy with the price he'd paid to fly with a decent airline, and made the joke: "I could fly with Burkina Faso Airlines and pay less, but I'd rather get there with some company I've heard of".

After I walked out of class and bumped into a colleague in the staff room, I commented on the necklace she was wearing. "I got it in Burkina Faso," she told me. I was stunned, which she mistook for not knowing where on earth Burkina Faso was, until I explained that we'd just been talking about it in class.

I waited all day for the third BF moment - these things should surely come in threes - but now I've had to create it myself by blogging about it. Anyone else out there got something to tell me about Burkina Faso? Seems like the place I should be learning about this week. For the record, I don't know much, but I do remember as a child I loved the sound of the name of its capital city: Ougadaougou.

Thanks to Peter J. Bury for the photo via Flickr/Creative Commons

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