Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Christmas is coming ... are you ready?

For some reason, a bumper sticker that I saw as a very young child has always stuck in my mind, and that's what inspired the headline for this post. The sticker said "Jesus is coming ... are you ready?" and as a little girl who didn't quite understand the meaning, it always sounded a bit ominous.

And so is the coming of Christmas, perhaps, because if I think back over the last decade I've had many and varied Christmas holidays. Sleigh-driving in Lapland was a great one, as was countryside Austria with my sister, while having to work in non-Christian Japan was not really the ideal way to spent Christmas.

More particularly today I was thinking about all the travellers I know who won't "be home for Christmas". I almost never suffered from homesickness when I lived abroad, but it always struck at Christmas time. There should be a special rule for travellers that Christmas doesn't exist.

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