Thursday, November 15, 2007

Web pirouette: Languages, lamingtons and the Lodge

This week I was able to combine three things I really love - writing, traveling and languages - to create How to Learn a Language 1 Week Before Your Trip for Vagabondish. If you head over there to read it, don't be freaked out like I was by the girl in the picture, it's not a slim, freckled version of me, just my somewhere-out-in-the-wide-world twin, chosen coincidentally by my editor. Family and friends will see what I mean.

In other writing this week I've explained the great Aussie lamington (hence the yummy looking photo, courtesy of crumpart/CC), and investigated the continual emergence of unusual statues in Serbia. With my step-sister and her family from California stopping through Sydney soon, perhaps my Take the Family to Sydney tips are timely, although if I was about to head to a big city, I wouldn't mind another spin around London.

I was also fortunate enough to have a short holiday of my own with a couple of days on Rottnest Island. More stories to come, but for now take a peek at the view from my room at the Rottnest Lodge.


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