Sunday, November 11, 2007

Same sky: Are tourists ignorant ... or offensive?

The issue of being a traveller or a tourist is an interesting distinction; wait a couple of weeks and you can read my take on it on Vagabondish. Until then, an article caught my eye today about the Dangers of Blissful Ignorance: it talked about being cultural sensitive and aware, and learning about your destination before you go. Good advice, and followed up with a good example of someone who didn't do this:
A first-time visitor to Bali, ahead of me in a queue at a Sydney money-changing booth, told a teller he wanted money for Bali and was, correctly, sold Indonesian rupiah.
"Look, mate," he protested loudly, "I said I was going to Bali and you gave me Indonesian money."
I'm not sure this guy even qualifies as a tourist!

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  1. If this happened at the airport it is a well known X files phenomenon called 'airport brain'. No one knows why but also usually normal people are completely lost when they come to the airport.


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