Saturday, November 24, 2007

Pro-blogging: What on earth is that?

Since blogging began providing around half of my income, more and more people I meet want to know how to do the same thing. Instead of reeling off the same spiel every week, I've decided to put together a series of posts that will answer most of the questions I'm usually asked.

When people ask me what I do on the days I don't teach, I usually just say that I write. The interested ones ask more, and I explain that I write for websites and blogs, usually US-based, and most often about travel topics. Since I get paid for it, that makes me a "pro-blogger": a professional blogger. Not a term that's in the dictionary - yet.

Some of my employers pay me per post (a post is one entry on a blog; a very short article). Others pay me per word. Some give me very specific information on the topic I should write about, others give me a very general theme, and still others leave that decision totally up to me. Some of them pay me weekly, others monthly, all using PayPal, the "online bank". I can easily convert the US$ payments into A$ and transfer them into my own bank account here in Australia.

Sound like something you could do too? Then wait for my next post on getting started on the road to paid blogging.

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