Friday, November 09, 2007

Iceland blogs for me

Iceland is one of those places I've never been but really, really want to, in an inexplicable way. One of my German students took a trip there and his photos put it even higher on my must-go list. But more recently when I was looking at European budget airlines for Jaunted I wrote a post on Iceland Express which made me even more Iceland-crazy.

You see, Iceland Express does something that I think is very cool. It keeps a blog that not only does a bit of promotion and advertising but is also funny and interesting enough that I keep returning. How Do You Like Iceland is the blog, with highlights like "How to Vacation Like an Icelandic Wage Slave" and "How to Get a Date with an Icelander". And another important fact about Iceland? Its people love celebration. Apparently:
Iceland is the kind of place where people throw a party because they find soap that matches their towels.
There aren't too many blogs that get a spot on my regular rounds and this is definitely the first commercial one, but I heartily recommend it.


  1. Hey! Really nice and cool blog. There is another Icelandic website you should check out: It's a flight search engine that finds great prices and all the possible connections.

  2. Love your blog!

    Thanks so much for your Iceland connections. I too am an Australian ~ from the Mornington Peninsula ~ utterly fascinated with Iceland. The worst part is, I really don't have a valid reason why except avid curiosity.


  3. Thanks Gemma! I also have no good excuse for my fascination with Iceland, unless a teenage interest in the Sugar Cubes counts. But in any case there's nothing wrong with a good dose of curiosity, is there? I hope not for my own sake =)


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