Saturday, November 10, 2007

How surfers found the Ballerina

Inspired by Mike at Vagabondish's posts on the strange ways people find his blog, I dug into my Google Analytics statistics for the Not A Ballerina blog to learn something about what kind of internet searches lead people who've never met me to read the Ballerina. The results were both enlightening and plain weird:
  • Thanks to my choice of title (which I now know is a poor one in regard to search engine optimisation, but I'm too attached to it), people searching for all kinds of information on ballet end up here: "naked ballerinas" is a common search term, and someone even arrived here after looking for "top 10 greek ballerinas".
  • More than one surfer hoped to find the answer to the question "why is ivan the terrible so terrible?"
  • And someone asked an important question: "how long will mulled wine keep?" - but definitely wouldn't have found the answer here, as I only talk about drinking it all up as soon as possible.
  • Other weird and wonderful search phrases that led people to this blog included "kurt pizza", "chocolate headlines", "love driving in Germany" (heck, I don't) and "cherry blossom snake".
  • And finally, the one that amused me most was a search for "volcano +'west australia'". Whoever found mention of that on my blog better let me know where on earth in this vast state there's any sign at all of something as interesting as a volcano!

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