Friday, November 30, 2007

Hide your Lonely Planet China guide

An entry in the "is China OK?" files ... The Age reported that travellers have had their Lonely Planet Guidebooks confiscated on entry to China. The problem is they breach Chinese law by making it appear that Taiwan and China are separate countries.

I checked my 2002 8th edition LP for China and sure enough, Taiwan is ignored, or in fact written over in the main map at the front. The index at the back shows just one tiny mention of the island.

Lonely Planet is now recommending travellers in China - particularly those entering the country through remote land borders - disguise their guidebook or make sure they have a copy of important details they need.

I'm clear on the theory that China believes Taiwan belongs to them, but it's also clear that my students who're from Taiwan don't believe they're Chinese. Far be it from me to solve a massive conflict like this, I just want to make sure nobody loses their guidebook over it.

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