Monday, October 29, 2007

Visiting places you've never heard of

From first read, it's obviously a bit tricky to visit places you've never heard of. How could you possibly travel somewhere when you don't even know its name? Surprisingly, though, I've managed to do that any number of times, basically by following my nose (and occasionally a guide book). That method took me all around Tunisia (where I'd ended up simply by booking the cheapest winter fare to Africa out of Bratislava), and it's led me into all kinds of odd museums, castles and galleries.

As usual, though, I get itchy feet when I read about some more places I've never heard of. A recent article in Budget Travel, the Scouting Report 2007, listed ten great places that they thought virtually nobody had ever heard of. And despite my pride in knowing a heck of a lot of places around the world, I only knew anything substantial about one of the cities on the list. Here's the full ten with links to more info intact:
  1. Caraiva, Brazil
So which one did I know? Leave your guess in the comments and I'll spill the beans in a week or two.


  1. My guess is Wroclaw, Poland...

    --Sean O'Neill
    senior editor,

  2. Hey Sean, Thanks for stopping by ... and you're right. You win the big prize this month of ... well, feeling proud to be right. I even have a friend from Wroclaw (and can half-ways pronounce it right) whereas the rest of the list is still a bit of a mystery. I'm kind of grateful to discover, though, that there are so many places that someone thinks worthy of visiting that I've never heard of.


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