Monday, September 10, 2007

Web pirouette: Hot chocolate, snowmen and the Red Sea

Speaking of chocolate (which I was, really), I reminisced this week about the hot chocolates you can drink at ńĆokolada in Bratislava. In fact, a Bratislavan last week told me there's a better place, but I'm yet to try it and believe it (Natalia, you owe me a hot chocolate to test it out!).

But a woman (and her writing) cannot exist on chocolate alone: you need exercise, like snowshoe walking in Lapland, new challenges, like building snowmen in Slovakia, relaxation, like a holiday at the Red Sea and plain weirdness, like driving all the way to Amsterdam just for a game of cricket.

Occasionally, I also write about eminently sensible topics, such as suggesting an itinerary for a trip through Poland that even includes a stop at Warsaw's Palace of Science and Culture (which might not be so sensible, on reflection). Visiting the Los Angeles Zoo, hitting San Diego and getting as far afield as the Tugela Falls in South Africa are other topics that have crossed my keyboard recently. But nothing's as cute as my snowman.

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