Monday, September 03, 2007

To the ocean on foot: 27 minutes

Now I know why I'm living in Perth. After lots of rainy, cool days (and unfortunately more to come), today had a surprise temperature creep into the mid-20s accompanied by a tonne of sunshine. When I arrived home from work, I decided to enjoy the weather with a short walk - the first time I've done that from our new house.

My fatal mistake was walking towards the beach. Once I'd got half-way, I just had to keep going until I could touch the ocean. From home to the point on the hill when you can see the ocean is 27 minutes; the beach itself takes another 15 minutes or so, meaning my short walk turned into an hour-and-a-half long excursion. But breathing the sea air and tasting my salty fingers reminded me why I'm lucky to live in Australia. This time last year it was around 700km to the sea: now it's 4km. I'll never complain again.

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  1. What a wonderful walk - may there be many more for you - lucky lady!!



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