Thursday, August 02, 2007

Bradt's "Before you die" contribution

Usually I'm what you could only call a major anti-fan of the "must see before you die" kind of lists. Partly because they've been spreading like wildfire in the past few years so the whole "before you die" concept has become such a cliche, and partly because a book like "100 national parks to see before you die" (I've invented that title, but it probably does exist anyway) sets up an uneasy travel goal: should you just frantically tick off these national parks or would it not perhaps be better to explore a few that interest you most more thoroughly?

Enough of my rant, but it goes to explain why I was at first surprised to see a "before you die" title in the latest offerings from Bradt Travel Guides, who I consider to be the modern day version of what Lonely Planet used to be. But on closer inspection I realised this new Bradt publication has a very clever twist: it's 100 Animals to See Before They Die. Get it? Bravo, Bradt, on beating the mainstream travel press at their own game.

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