Friday, July 06, 2007

Spreading the word on okonomiyaki

What's in this picture? You might be surprised to learn that this crane is flipping a giant Japanese pancake. Well, something like a pancake, or a pizza, or whatever other sloppy comparisons are made to try and describe the greatest food of all: okonomiyaki. Made of cabbage, special flour, eggs and amazing seasonings and toppings, it's incredibly delicious. Really. (But usually much smaller).

It's also the greatest Japanese food to never leave Japan. That's not quite true - plenty of people who've visited Japan now buy the ingredients from their local Asian grocery store and thrill their friends with it (my Mum included). But I'm yet to find it on the menu at any Japanese restaurant outside Japan. Fellow bloggers Japan Nomads are as surprised as me. Where are the great businessmen who can turn okonomiyaki into a massive chain store success? I'm waiting and I'm hungry.


  1. Hi Amanda,
    Oh How I would love to snatch back a snippet in time! Hows about sharing a potato and cream cheese Okonomyaki at the great little shop under Fuse station :-) OISHI!!!
    By the way I ran into Matt at the shops last week- he's about to have twins! Was great to speak with him. Hope you are doing well- I have been regularly stalking you via your blogs- great writing- I am so happy you are following your passion

  2. Suzy, Thanks for your gorgeous message, YES, I wish I could take you up on the potato and cream cheese oko at Fuse. If either of us ever wins Lotto we'll have to get back there. I wonder if that shop's still there? Let's imagine at least that it is. Didn't they even start delivering to you at school? Those were the days ...
    Amanda xxx


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