Sunday, June 03, 2007

Web pirouette: Lapland, Luxembourg and Land's End

In this week's keyboard tapping:
  • I've been zooming around Europe on my keyboard, from the Arktikum Museum in northern Finland (where I learnt that the local language has 25 different words for snow), flying a bit south-west to L├╝beck, then touring the small nation of Luxembourg (it doesn't take long), strolling around one of my favourite German cities, Heidelberg, and finally heading over to Britain for a walk around Land's End.
  • In school, half my class is Korean at the moment, and one of them even had the chance to travel through North Korea - so I had to tell them the story of my visit to the DMZ.
  • Dining with local people's been on my mind, as I learnt about the Home Dinners in Wales and the catchy Dine with the Danes programmes.
  • Everyone's talking about Dubai, and if I go there I want to get the Harry Potter deal at that oft-photographed hotel that looks like a breaking wave.
  • Not from me: results of the latest Anholt Nations Brand Index show that Australians are no longer the friendliest people - Canadians have taken the crown from us!

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