Sunday, May 27, 2007

Web pirouette: Why goldfish and hamsters are good creatures

Welcome back, fellow pirouetters. I've got a wacky range of treats for you this week:
  • Check out the weird and wonderful moving sculptures of the Tinguely Museum in Basel
  • Remembering a great holiday: floating through paradise in Vietnam's Halong Bay
  • What hotels will do for you: organise a jog in Shanghai or help you sleep with goldfish therapy
  • Find out what hamsters and Viagra have in common
  • Not from me but from a colleague of mine from Suite101: posted in my favourite travel writing site, Written Road, a great interview with Pauline Frommer. Yes, daughter of Arthur Frommer, guidebook guru, and raised with the tradition that travelling in an affordable way rather than worrying about threadcounts on hotel sheets is the best way to travel. Memorably she mentions that only 24% of US citizens have a passport and that she's trying to encourage the other 76% to see the world.

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