Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Web pirouette: Climbing Mt Fuji and selling books in Ukraine

With the sun returning for a pre-winter "hello", I thought this photo was just right. Villages and roads lie under the clouds, but I think the view is better this way. Anyway, this week ...
  • In my Japanese TAFE class I learnt the characters for "Banzai!" (something like "Hooray"); that's what the guy on the right of this picture was shouting as we watched the sun rise from the top of Mt Fuji.
  • I met a guy in a bookshop this week who's about to holiday in Germany; we talked about my adopted hometown of Heilbronn, my favourite collection of cute villages along the Romantic Road and my hot museum tip for Berlin.
  • After Jan and I spent a weekend in the Swan Valley, I wrote up our stay at Grandis Cottages.
  • And I was pleased to see Eastern Europe getting plenty of newspaper coverage.
  • Not from me: while some doomsayers are still saying the printed book is on the way out (no way!) Ukrainian consumers are proving them wrong, says the Spiegel's report on the massive boom in book sales in Ukraine.

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