Thursday, April 19, 2007

Web pirouette: Singapore, theme parks and dreaming of summer

Time again for a pirouette through a few pieces I've written this week:
  • My hot tips for a 3 day stopover in Singapore, following our visit enroute to Oz
  • Another must-visit for my long list: they're opening a Charles Dickens theme park called Dickens World in England
  • Putting Corrigin on the map: I mentioned the Dog in a Ute record attempts, and someone commented that there are laws against that in their country (the one where you can get guns easily)
  • I reminisced about summer holidays with Tatiana and Martin in Trogir, Croatia
  • Yotel - a funky capsule hotel chain that hasn't actually opened yet - is thinking of expanding to Sydney. Hope they invite me!

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