Saturday, April 28, 2007

Web pirouette: Why fly when you can tunnel?

Trains, Russia, travelling far and wide, suspicious hotels and reading a lot make it big on my list this week:
  • Big news (or big bluff): some Russians reckon there's going to be a tunnel built under the Bering Strait, joining far-east Russia to Alaska, and a train linking the continents!
  • Such a train would join up with my beloved Trans-Siberian, where you can make friends with Russians.
  • And wherever you go in Russia, these are the things you shouldn't leave home without.
  • I virtually met avid traveller Lee Abbamonte this week - he's trying to be the youngest person to visit every country (and other-places-with-their-own-flag) in the world.
  • A quick warning on the kinds of things that might be wrong if your hotel room has a strange smell.
  • Not from me: the Project for Public Spaces is a great organisation, and this month their focus is on the importance of public libraries; a subject close to my heart. Despite being unwelcome at a number of libraries across several continents due to some issues with overdue books, I still love them.

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