Monday, April 30, 2007

Web pirouette: Singing in the rain and snow

It's no European winter, but I've been starting to shiver as summer definitely heads back to the northern hemisphere. The big consolation: it's great writing weather, and here are some highlights of what I've written this week:
  • Rain and wind in Perth's got me thinking of winter, and my ultimate winter adventure in snowy Lapland ... and my great winter experience at the Bad Blumau resort in Austria
  • I'm not on holidays this week, but my good friends Clare and Rick are: they helped me write up their current favourite resort in Thailand
  • The Eurovision Song Contest (farce that it might be) is on again: but I really love the website's Song-O-Mat that runs you through a quiz to find the song you'll love
  • Not from me, but a man after my own heart - Oliver James has coined the phrase mind tourism. Basically this means being a nosy traveller and trying to find out all the interesting little habits and quirks that exist in a town or country - something I'm always learning both from my international students and my travels.

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