Tuesday, January 09, 2007

And 2007 rolls in and on ...

I might be about to make this blog a bit X-rated (or PG, perhaps), with this photograph from my 2005 New Year celebrations in Bratislava. That's my bro-in-law on the right, and my favourite Bratislavan boy Martin, and they're building a snow-woman. As you can in Slovakia on December 31, but as we definitely couldn't in Perth when we brought in 2007 last week.

As all new years do, this one's passing by crazily, but I've still managed to get out some stories on my favourite Polish town, Krakow, a great book about Moscow by Christopher Hope and I'm following the progress of a charitable Austrian, Manfred Michlits, who's running around the world.

I've also made a big public commitment (well, silently public, until anyone besides me and a few fellow writers read it) to starting to write and publish fiction this year, and in particular (finally) a novel. Follow my progress at Becoming a Fiction Writer, and don't be afraid to hassle me if you can't see my book on the library shelves yet. I need pressure!

And finally, a Happy New Year and a great 2007 to all Ballerina readers.

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  1. Hi Amanda,

    You don't have any reason to envy us, because there's no snow here either. Temperatures about 10 Celsius degrees and weather that of late November with rain and fog.

    Happy New Year! Wish you as well as your family and friends all the best in 2007!

    And good luck with writing! ;)



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