Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Tropical sightseeing in Singapore

Something I've always wanted to do, but always been to stupid to organise: stopping over in Asia on the way to Australia, to avoid the 30+ hours of non-stop travelling that nobody can possibly enjoy. This time, we had four relaxing nights in Singapore - not my #1 pick for an Asian stopover, but Qantas's deals just couldn't be beat.

Singapore's a funny city: tropical and with that hint of the rich smells and culture of Asia, but with all the cleanliness and those regimented rules running the place. My first hand tips now of what to put on the must-see list and what not are these ... give Sentosa Island's Underwater World and especially the Dolphin Lagoon a miss, but give yourself plenty of time to get to the Singapore Zoo and its after-hours brother, the Night Safari. The Zoo's free-ranging orang utan program is a big hit: the orang utans essentially live "above" the zoo on a system of connected ropes and trees, occasionally coming down to chat with their keepers and pose for photos.


  1. Singapore is the best travel country in Asia, any tourists can spend their family vacation in tight budget. Even Singapore has many great destinations but Marina Bay Sands tower, ArtScience Museum and St John’s Island places have something new to watch.

  2. Thanks for the extra tips!


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