Monday, November 20, 2006

My world's best grandmother

You probably all know of my truly beloved grandmother Ruby - she's the reason for the name of this blog (read the story right at the top) - and many of you have heard my pleasure at the regularity of her letters to me, wherever I was living in the world. My dear Nan left the mortal world on Friday at the ripe old age of 94 and I'll miss her (and her letters) so much.

Thank you, Nan, for all your wonderful stories, support and inspiration over the years. I have such fond memories of my visits to the farm as a child, and trips on the bus to visit you as a teenager, and the excitement I felt when I found your letters in my mailbox in Japan, Slovakia or Germany. The best part was that I got to spend some time with you again before you left us - thanks for waiting. But I know you're still looking out for me.

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  1. Hi Amanda, just catching up on your doings and was so sorry to read this.

    Was this the grandmother who made Chiara's blanket? She still has it on her bed and loves it so much.

    I hope you're not missing her too much and there's some comfort in her checking out at a ripe old age. Hope we're that lucky too.

    Thinking of you, Alli, Ron and ChiaraXXX


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