Friday, September 15, 2006

Motel rooms in Delaware

We all know that the unexpected adventures of travel often make the best stories. Unless, that is, your unexpected adventure lands you in a motel room in Newark, Delaware.

To be perfectly honest - and with great apologies to any native Delawarians who happen to be reading this blog - I'd never considered whether Delaware was a state, city or just some name for who-knows-what. Yet when my husband's foot injury got worse and worse with the stop-and-go traffic on Highway 95 - and with my driving licence invalid for the US - we had to find a bed for the night. Our coupon book led to us to a remaining-nameless-motel, and I chose it over others because of the price, location and pool. Oops. You can see it was a beautiful colour, just not the colour pools are meant to be.

By the end of our stay, I'd learnt that Delaware is the second-smallest state of the US, and considers itself "the first state" - they signed up first. What's more, it's popular for its tax-free shopping and allegedly has some nice sandy beaches. I guess I should've tried them instead of the pool.

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  1. As a Delawarean, I want to apologize for that awful spot where you stopped to rest here in our State. You should have posted the name of the place.


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