Monday, August 21, 2006

Introducing a spin-off

Don't fear, writing hasn't exactly taken a back seat in this flat-out phase of in-between-ness. I'm now blogging twice a day at Jaunted, loving all the stories I can write about places I adore in Eastern Europe and Russia, and even attempting a little (unpaid) writing in German at my spin-off blog, Jan and Amanda (don't worry, there's English too!). My goal - and I'll say it publicly, so you can hold me to it - is to make this writing gig a true part-time job back in Oz.

In the meantime, personal life has been in the forefront, and here's a wedding picture to prove it. More over at Jan and Amanda.

Now let's return to normal programming ... Ballerina will focus on writing and traveling (and of course, travel writing) in the future; head to Jan and Amanda for the personal stuff.

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