Saturday, July 29, 2006

Summer rolls on in Heilbronn

In fact, they say we're in a heat wave. That's something I haven't heard too often during my stint in Europe, but it is really the case that some nights are almost too warm to sleep. By Australian standards it's still a little chilly, but my tan is coming along nicely. What's more, I'm enjoying a green summer rather than an Aussie brown one.

With many of my students starting their summer holidays, I'm spending more and more time at the keyboard. A book about teaching English is in the works for an e-book series called Top Tips To and my regular column at Suite101 is still growing. And in September, a story of mine will be included in a real hold-in-your-hand book from the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, covering the topic of Back Pain. On a personal level, a crazy few months ahead includes our wedding, two weeks in New York and our move back to Perth, Western Australia: stay tuned for more tales as I manage all this and still keep my fingers on the keyboard (or perhaps I should just be keeping my fingers crossed!).

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