Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Writing is hard work ...

OK, fellow writers - and perhaps artists of any kind - prefer to heft this stone or sit down and create? Some days I'm not sure. Yet I'm drawn back to my laptop day after day, word after word, and when I can't find the time to write, I start to go just a touch crazy.

Bit by bit, I'm starting to feel more confident as a writer. Earlier this month, in fact, WritersWeekly's e-zine published my piece in their "Success Stories" section: Blogging and Slogging My Way to Regular Writing Jobs. I guess this means that a little success is coming my way, and I'm proud of myself.

Are there other writers or artists of any kind reading this blog? Be bold enough to leave your success story in the comments section. Please. Sometimes, it's good to brag.

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  1. Ahoj Amanda. Congratulations on all of your successes. You are indeed an inspiration. And congratulations on your upcoming marriage. I feel like i have achieved so little since i last saw you in Bratislava! I confess i have writing aspirations but never find the time to do anything about it. Same with photography. Admittedly I have been busy completing my masters (only one subject left!!!) but once that is done i will be checking out some of your resources for sure. Have just started a drawing class also, need to get the creative juices flowing again. Too much left brain work of late!!!
    Well, I guess i'll have to put off my return visit to WA until you return.
    Keep travelling.


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