Saturday, June 10, 2006

World Cup craziness

The countdown is over! After hearing about it for so long - and even writing endlessly about the build up, in Student Traveler and almost daily on Jaunted - the 2006 FIFA World Cup is here. Just hours ago the opening game between Germany and Costa Rica began the tournament, with Germany posting a 4-2 win, leading to several hours of honking and screaming on the streets outside my flat in Heilbronn. Poland and Ecuador are on the pitch now, not that I'm a sudden football fanatic or anything.

Or maybe I am. The Australian team - the Socceroos - are coincidentally staying in a town not far from here, and on Tuesday my mother, Australian colleague Meredith and I took the train out to Öhringen to check up on them. OK, they were late, it rained, and the beer tasted bad, but we still had fun. There were so many Aussies around I began to wonder if anyone was left back home. The Socceroos kick off on Monday at 3pm our time with a game against Japan: go Aussies go! So make sure your telly's on and you're barracking for the green and gold.

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