Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Paris in the summer

Another religious holiday in southern Germany last Thursday gave us a four-day weekend in Paris. The city of art (we chose the Orsay over the Louvre); the city of lights (we had a perfect view to the illuminated Sacre Couer from just near our sweet hotel, the Beausejour Montmartre); the city of lovers (yep, Jan proposed to me atop the Eiffel Tower, making all our future plans official); and for me, the city of people. Paris is so international, with people of all races, ages, walks of life: it’s a long time since I’ve been so immersed in such a multicultural city. It’s refreshing and inspiring and I hope the same feeling will come with my New York trip in August. Mega-cities like these are places I could never live, I think, but are still very much must-visits.

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  1. Wow Amanda! Congratulations on your news- very romantic! I love to keep in touch with your overseas exploits- living vicariously through you :-)Take Care
    Suzy (in Brissy)


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