Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Happy birthday "Not a Ballerina"!

Yep, it’s historically one year ago today that I made my first post here. Nearly everything’s changed in that year: living arrangements, publishing success, my contact lens prescription, my whole attitude to life, perhaps! Surprisingly, I am still living in the same flat in Heilbronn, southern Germany – although I did give notice once.

Thanks for reading over the last year, and for your friendly comments. I hope you’re also enjoying my other writing endeavours, like my Eastern Europe and Russia column and my daily blogs at Jaunted. I’m aiming to finally get serious with my writing in the next twelve months, so these regular sources of income are a real help. That’s also the reason for the advertising on this blog – apologies first, but clicking on these ads does send a trickle of income my way, so thanks for putting up with it.

Every few weeks I discover a “secret reader” of Not a Ballerina, someone who regularly checks in but has never told me. If you belong in this group – or if you’re a known regular reader who just wants to wish the Ballerina a happy birthday – please leave a comment below. I love it when writing is a two-way exchange. Thanks again and watch this space for new developments soon!

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  1. Happy birthday Ballerina! We obviously don't read the Ballerina often enough coz we've apparently missed something big. Came for a look today to see your impressions of an Aussie in the thick of the World Cup madness, scrolled down a bit, read about the visit to Paris, and Alli said "...bloody hell, that was quick!". But the next breath was congratulations!! Tell us more.....


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